2.09: Ásví’s Letter

Posted: February 12, 2011 by devy in Asvi, Mage: The Awakening
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Hi Bardiel,
I hope this finds you well, so many are not feeling all that good these days, and no surprise with what’s been happening! Makes me wonder what is next on our path!…
Oh but I was meant to come to the consilium meeting on Tuesday, but I did not, I do not know if you were there.
But do let me get straight onto the subject, why, I should not keep you reading and reading, and oh my letter is getting messy! But look at me again, getting distracted!
Something terrible happened, I thought I’d tell you, being my mentor since the beginning, who else am I to say it to. Oh but maybe Bradan, but then he’s busy, with all the things happening!
I had a dream, but what a generic term it is, it was hardly a dream, it was a nightmare, or a vision, or some obfuscated reality masked as a dream, oh I don’t know what the scientific term is!
But it happened on Monday night, I was going to bed, oh but it’s not in my style to be telling all this, but I feel I have to. Look at my hands trembling even now! As I remember that awful night!… You probably wonder if I am OK, but of course I am,  oh I did have a gin or two, but don’t you think I am drunk! It’s not my style at all to be drinking to get drunk! I just took a sip to calm my nerves, and oh to stop the shaking.
But let me just compose myself, I don’t want to be wasting your time, oh look at me again, rambling on like that. But that’s exactly what I am doing!
Oh but here, I will tell you what happened. I was in bed, my eyes were closed. I was thinking about things, you know the usual, what happened to our city and why and John missing, though I didn’t know him, but Perrin, a Guardian being drunk, oh how odd and frightening it is! What drove her to that… Oh but it has nothing to do with what happened. And then, when I thought I was asleep, I had this dream, as if the room went deathly cold, and something stood in front of me. Oh it had a shape of a human, but it was blurry and like a shadow! You must think I am drunk and seeing things, but don’t you think of me like that! And so it stood there, I could feel it’s cold breath on my cheek. And as if it was trying to tell me something. Oh I was scared, I was terrified! And why would I not be! And then, the room was dark, oh the aura has changed, things were not like they were before! It was filled with darkness and rotten smell. Oh I tried to scream, I tried to move, but I could not, as if held down by some invisible force! Oh I was scared, my hands were trembling, my heart was racing! And it walked around the room and then came back to me again, and I swear it looked at me and tried to say something. And then just vanished, as quickly at it appeared!
Oh but then I got off the bed, and I was shaking, just went over to my cupboard and had a gin or two, oh but I was not drunk! It was just to calm my nerves! And then I sat down to compose this to you, to tell you about it at all.
Oh look at me spilling tea on this letter now, how messy of me!
Do you think, Bardiel, do you think someone is trying to get to me? Someone… who may not be here, but is there?… Do you think it’s possible?
I am going to run now, I have taken much of your time already, but do let me finish this, maybe you will get ideas, being more experienced and that!

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