4.01: Letters to Stella 1

Posted: April 6, 2011 by devy in Asvi, Mage: The Awakening
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Oh Stella, my lovely Stella,

It’s been so long, why ever don’t you keep track of time! And let me know where you have been! Such troubled times are upon us again, and even from up high where I am sitting things can look pretty grim.

But Stella, dear Stella, I am about to tell you the news! Let me start with something nice, something fun, something uplifting! My baking, remember me making cookies and what not? Scraping for the last grains, and bits o’ flour and whatever I can find?  Well it’s taking off. Oh silly, I didn’t give up college, of course not. I am still… registered. But Stella, don’t divert me into the dark muddy waters of life I don’t want to think of! The baking, Stella, it’s taking off. Oh the ingredients vary, Stella, they really do. I now have access to more… more unusual items, if you like. Nothing harmful, of course not, natural and natural only, with a creative touch, but not to harm them sleepers, Stella, just to aid a bit.

Oh I must tell you immediately, I have finally opened a little stall to sell all the baked wonders to the public, on Sundays, at the market which is on at the place where I live right now. Remember, I told you before about my great move and how I no longer live alone? Oh dear Stella! Your memory, it’s more peculiar than snow in June! I have been thinking of what to call it, I can’t come up with much, my imagination is as dry as sand in a desert, it’s there in abundance but just useless and plain… But Stella, do help? You are forever so creative…

I am being all business oriented, don’t laugh Stella! I am thinking of co-operating with another man, he has access to some herbs that might add some nice taste and flavors to cooking, you know what I mean, you do, don’t you?

And now the dark grim news, my lovely, something that I want to forget for it disturbs me. Oh, before I carry on, I must tell you, that it was not the ghost of my father haunting me at my old place. What was it? Oh I ask myself the same question, Stella. I got an impression that the source was implying I was “under influence”! How dare they suggest that, I ask you! Oh how unreasonable and rude! I am certain, I am completely certain something is up. I must check it out myself at some point.

But the news, Stella, I must tell you right away! I was walking home last night, the usual route, nothing peculiar, nothing out of the ordinary. And then I come across a terrier, a dog, you know the yappy type. Oh I am not a fan of them at all, but there it was.  And then, as if possessed it started bashing its stupid little head (I ask you, how can one fit a brain in a skull that size?) against the wall. Silly creature. And before I knew it, off it went into the river. Yes, Stella, just jumped in! How odd! I am not a good swimmer, you know that, nor do I like terriers, but it was a creature in need of help. So I jump right after the stupid thing and save him. Oh Stella, I was wet to the last thread of my shirt. Blood dripping from its head, his skull must have been split open! So I brought him home…

Oh my dear, someone is at the door, I better put this all away. I shall return soon, Stella, I shall.



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