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Devy’s Characters.

Devy is a professional procrastinator, PhD student in quantum chemistry/physics/electronics/you-name-it, who spends 99% of her time either in front of the screen or darkroom (35mm photography!). She’s a Cam n00b.


Ásví is a 25 year old mature student in Arts, what she actually studies is vaguely known and her attendance at lectures leaves to wish for better.

She comes from a Finnish heritage and is bilingual. Her name is ancient Nordic and means “God’s Temple”. Ásví was awakened as Obrimos and chose to follow the beliefs of Silver Ladder.


Avah is native of Cong, Mayo and came to Cork recently.  Known for her striking looks, ability to listen and gather facts quickly, she soon gained stability in Cork. Recently Avah joined the Carthian Movement. She is known for not attending Lancea Sanctum masses with the excuse of washing her hair. Avah can come across as dismissive and sharp at times, though she may not be aware of it.

Neilcamcork’s Characters.

is an old time hack who has been hanging around the Cam for over a decade. If you asked him, he’d have an opinion about everything, and he’d be right, too


Michael is a well built man in what appears to be his early thirties.  He is calm, thoughtful and very direct.  His accent fluctuates between neutral and somewhere ‘countryish’.

He has been a member of the Adamantine Arrows for about a decade, engaging in minor skirmishes on behalf of the Diamond Orders.

MaskedGuardian’s Characters.

MG is at a loose end, most of the time.  Usually found wasting time on the internet, she co-ordinates the games and generally pokes the storytellers and players into behaving themselves.


Perrin Awakened on the Path of Scourging over a decade ago.  She is a tiny woman in her late-twenties who looks like she couldn’t win a fight with a wet dishcloth.  Despite this, she has ended up as Sentinel of Ireland.  When not doing sentinel-type things, she performs her duties as a Guardian of the Veil and follows her supernal interests in the Astral Realms.


Razzer87’s Characters,

Razzer87 is a mysterious author whose characters have such secret pasts he doesn’t even know them. He likes doing fun stuff, having cool things and his favorite food is tasty food.


Bradán is a member of the Cork mysterium, founder of the “Halfway House” cabal and Sentinel of Cork. He appears in his mid-30s and is completely bald. He’s a Mastigos dual adept of Space and Spirit. He showed up in Cork only recently and has allegedly spent the time since his awakening travelling. People think his past is too boring to ask him about and he likes it kept that way.

2045 is a young libertine mastigos from Limerick. He likes the future, technology and shouting at people over the internet.
Humph. That name once struck fear into the mightiest forwards of the junior league. However, this mighty warrior fell from grace only to be rescued from the gutter by the Nosferatu Whacker. His impressive brawn rendered to fat and eager to make his place in the danse macabre Humph rebelled against his sire and joined the Invictus. His likes are Tekken, boirds and ruggers. His dislikes are ponses, foreigners and kill stealers.

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